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About us

Engelwood About

Our mission is built up around the One Stop Shop concept: a global player which is staying client focused from the inside out, providing tailored solutions with high level of expertise.

A specialized team coming from the alternative investment fund and corporate industry with more than 20 years expertise in Europe;

A truly independent financial and corporate services provider able to leverage on the existing expertise by providing a fully integrated solution in several juridictions;

Our experienced team is dealing with:

- complex and common investment policies in
  the alternative investment fund industry,

- a challenging tax environment

- diversified private client requirements, and

- a new financing sources environment

in close relationship (fast and proactive) with our clients and in accordance with an increasing regulated environment.


Management team

Jean-Pierre Verlaine

Around 20 years experience in the fund and corporate industry in Europe (especially in Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, BeNe, UK) having a strong track record in the alternative investment funds industry and relevant background in transaction management in quality of asset manager (deals origination, acquisition, restructuring, debt raising, financial engineering, fund administration). Certified independent director (INSEAD IDP-C and I.L.A.)

Adrien Coulombel

Around 10 years experience in the fund administration environment and corporate industry in Luxembourg with strong background in the investors’ relationship and project management for the corporate and fund industry (fund administration and fundraising).

Marc Libouton

Marc is an Expert Comptable in Luxembourg with more than 15 years experience in the corporate industry (administration, accounting, audit and tax) in Luxembourg with respect to non regulated and regulated entities, including for resourcing services to the institutional entities.