Engelwood, Incorporation, Implementation Administration, Accounting, Tax, Fund Management, Transaction Structuring, Corporate Finance, Governance Services - Luxembourg


Investment Fund Management

  • Customized reports for (i) GP, advisory & supervisiory committee, investor relations purpose pursuant to best practice (EVCA, BVCA, ILPA) and (ii) new AIFM environment;
  • Coordination with custody, depositary and administrative agent(s);
  • Assistancefor reporting to the regulatory authorities;
  • Debt administration services: loan administration, cash flow & treasury management;
  • Securitization vehicles: corporate services, treasury management;
  • Performances measurement tools (IRR, TVPI, DPI, DCC, RVPI, PIC multiple,...) and cash flow statement;
  • Assistance to preparation of the periodical GP reports/newsletters;
  • Assistance for valuing the portfolio companies in accordance with commonly used valuation methodologies:
    • IPEV guidelines: multiples, past transactions, net asset value, DCF model;
    • EVCA/BVCA guidelines and other industry benchmark;
  • Management of carried interest structures & reporting: complex rules with eventual clawback provisions (whole-of-fund model, deal by deal model, hybrid carried interest model);
  • Assistance to the risk management officer for regulated entities;
  • AIF Manager assistance: eligibility assessment, authorisation process;
  • Distribution management for available divestment proceeds allocation in accordance with LPA/Memorandum/Prospectus;

Note: some services strictly related to the central administration, registrar agent and client communication for regulated entities are provided by external related parties duly licensed by C.S.S.F.